Data 1000only 9.95 €/mo.*1

  • 1 GB data volume*1
  • Internet up to 7,2 Mbps*1
  • online anywhere and anytime*1
  • only 1 month fixed contract term*1
  • best German O2 network quality

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Triple-Sim: The Triple-SIM is the latest version of the simcard and combines all 3 formats (Mini, Micro & Nano-SIM) on one simcard. You can simply push out any format and are ready for immediate use for any mobile phone with any format with this simcard! Multicard Sim: be available with up to 3 mobile devices under a number
same phone and surf the Internet or check email
Only one contract, one mailbox and one invoice.
It can be used, which all have the same phone number as well as a joint account and mailbox with the Multicard up to three SIM cards. Connection of Multicard Multicard to can not be established. The simultaneous use of services of the same category (eg simultaneous outbound telephony, simultaneous use of identical data services) more than one SIM card is independent of the number used is neither possible nor acceptable. The sending / receiving SMS and MMS is possible only from a specified by the customer SIM card. This definition is changeable at any time. The first Multi Card is included in contract included. There are a maximum of two MultiCards possible simultaneously.

For a successful transfer of your telephone number please follow our detailed instructions.
You must inform your former supplier of the termination of the contract and the wanted transfer of the mobile number!

Please also note that mobile number portability is an additional service that might cause costs between 25 and 30 € depending on the current charges of your former supplier.

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