Allnet-Flat 2 GB LTE 24M only 7.99 € mth.*1

  • flat rate to all German networks*1
  • 2000 MB LTE internet*1
  • SMS flat rate*31
  • EU roaming inclusive*1
  • 10 € change bonus (?)*1

Special offer: only 4.99 € activation charge*1, instead of 29.99 €

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Allnet-Flat 2 GB LTE only 9.99 € mth.*2

  • 1 month minimum contract term*2
  • flat rate + SMS flat to all German networks*2
  • 2 GB LTE internet*2
  • EU roaming inclusive*2
  • 10 € change bonus (?)*2

Special offer: only 19.99 € activation charge*2, instead of 29.99 €

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Germanflat 3 GB LTE only 9.99 € mth.*3

  • 1 month minimum contract term*3
  • flat rate to all German networks*3
  • 3 GB LTE internet*3
  • SMS flat rate*3
  • 25 € change bonus (?)*3

Special offer: only 14.99 € activation charge*3, instead of 29.99 €

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Allnet-Flat 5 GB LTE 24M only 14.99 € mth.*4

  • flat rate to all German networks*4
  • 5 GB LTE internet*4
  • SMS flat rate*4
  • EU roaming inclusive*4
  • 10 € change bonus (?)*4

Special offer: only 4.99 € activation charge*4, instead of 29.99 €!

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